About IIBA®

About IIBA®

* Expanding the Influence of Business Analysis in Egypt * 

CAIRO CHAPTER OF THE IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis)

Statement of Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals




To provide a forum for professionals in Cairo and the surrounding areas to network, share information, and attain certification as business analysts.



To be Egypt’s leading proponent of business analysis.  To this end, the Cairo Chapter of the IIBA strives to offer valuable experiences that support each business analyst’s journey of learning, certification, and successful practice.


Strategic Goals and Objectives

1.  Provide a forum for knowledge sharing and networking for business analysts working in Cairo and surrounding areas. Objectives for this goal:

The Cairo Chapter of the IIBA should…

§         Hold two types of events each year during which business analysis professionals can network, share best practices and gain knowledge of industry standards.

-         Smaller educational events that will additionally act as networking opportunities with a presentation and/or a guest speaker will be held each year.

-         Also, there will be at least one large awareness seminar annually.

2.  Increase individual knowledge of business analysis standards, tools, and techniques.
Objectives for this goal:

The Cairo Chapter of the IIBA should… 

§         Organize several local events (informal and formal) each year during which experienced business analysts can share their knowledge 

§         Act as a resource for local business analysts searching for information related to seminars, workshops, and other professional development experiences.  Information regarding professional development experiences will be provided at the conclusion of each sponsored event and via the chapter website.


 3.  Publicly recognize professionals that model the principles of business analysis.
Objectives for this goal: 

The Cairo Chapter of the IIBA should…

§         Reach out to local businesses, academic organizations, and government organizations in order to identify successful business analysts and other professionals that support the business analysis field.  Each year, several guest speakers will be invited to participate in Cairo Chapter events as a way of publicly recognizing their efforts  

§         Establish and present an “Up-and-coming BA Award” to a student who has successfully completed a business analysis curriculum offered by a local college or university.

 4.  Promote professional certification of business analysis professionals working in Cairo and the surrounding areas.
Objectives for this goal: 

The Cairo Chapter of the IIBA should…

§         Support the efforts of local business analysts as they pursue professional certification (Certified Business Analyst Professional or CBAP) by organizing workshops, study group sessions, and local certification opportunities.  

-        The Cairo Chapter will sponsor opportunities to participate in study group sessions each year. 

-        The Cairo Chapter hopes to host a CBAP exam in the future based on the level of interest expressed by its membership.

-         Act as a resource for local business analysts searching for information related to the CBAP certification process, study aids, and certification locations.  Information regarding local study groups will be posted on the chapter web site.

5.     Develop partnerships with other professional organizations that promote or support business analysis.
Objectives for this goal: 

The Chapter Chapter of the IIBA should…

§         Reach out to other professional organizations related to business analysis in order to identify ways in which the Cairo Chapter of the IIBA can develop a better awareness of the value of business analysts.  The Cairo Chapter will organize one large awareness seminar each year.



About the International Institute of Business Analysis

The IIBA is the independent non-profit professional association serving the growing field of Business Analysis. Whatever your role -- requirements management, systems analysis, business analysis, requirements analysis, project management, or consulting, if you are involved in analysis for systems, business or process improvement, IIBA can help you do your job better.

The IIBA held its inaugural meeting in October 2003, in Toronto, Canada with 28 founding members from 21 different organizations representing over eight countries.

On April 7, 2005, the IIBA held its second Annual General Meeting. The meeting was held in Toronto Canada and was attended by people from across the United States and Canada. The IIBA Constitution Amendments were voted on and accepted and the three Board of Directors were elected.  Currently there are over 4000 members across some 40 active internatinoal chapters.