Study Groups

To participate in a study group, you must:

  • Have good command of the English language, enough to read and understand the BABOK
  • Have BA experience for at least two years, to ensure a minimum understanding of the BA function
  • Be an IIBA official (paid) member. The membership costs $55 for one year ($50 for renewals) and grants you access to the BABOK and the other material used in the study group

Once in the group, participants are expected to:

  • Show commitment in terms of attending, preparing for the sessions, and participating in the group learning. Participants who show lack of commitment for two or three consecutive sessions will be expelled from the group. This is to guarantee fairness; so that no one put effort to assist others, while others benefit without offering something in return.
  • Participants are encouraged to begin the process of applying to the exam midway throughout the study group meetings. This serves as a motivator to proceed, gives the process a sense of urgency, and helps participants by sharing information and motivating each other to complete the tedious application process.


 For Information about the running groups or to join a group,